The star pendant with the central stone is attached to a tubular lace. The necklace closes on the pendant itself, with a hook.


  • Linhasita Cord 0.75 cinnamon COR 234
  • Oval Stone 18×25 mm
  • Copper wire 0,9 mm



• 1x  100cm cord

• 20x 60cm cords

• 21x 45cm cords


Set the oval stone using 19x 60cm cords as knotting cords and the 100cm cord as anchor cord.

Follow Percy Palomino tutorial for the stone setting, using the 19 knotting cords and the anchor cord.

At the end of the setting, you will have 40 cords around the stone, including the two ends of the anchor cord. Add the last 60 cm cord, folded in half so to have a total of 42 cords around the set stone.

Divide the cords into 7 groups of 6, to form the star pattern and execute the star.

Follow Dede tutorial to execute the pattern.

Tubular Lace


Required for approximately 45 cm of tubular lace. Cord numbering are with reference to the figure in the Execution section.

Cord#Length in CM

(The cords can also be joined 1+2, 7+8, 3+4, 5+6, 9+10, 11+12, paying attention to keep the measurements accurate)


In the schema below, these symbols are used:

Double Half Hitch

Lark’s Head or Tatting Knot

We start flat by knotting the first two rhombuses.

Then the tube is formed by folding the pattern and by joining point (a) in the figure, making a knot using cord 2 as anchor cord and cord 7 as knotting cord, so that these cord wrap around circularly.

The work proceeds then in a circular manner.

The figure represent in plan what in reality is a circular pattern.

Consider points (a), (b) and (c) as attached, to form a tube.

Necklace Assembly

Make two 5 mm jump rings, two 10 mm jump rings and 2 hooks with the copper wire or alternatively use similar items available on the market.

The 5 and 10 mm jump rings are inserted into the pendant, as shown in the figure.

The hooks are sewn into the ends of the tubular lace.

On one side the hook and the 10mm jump ring act as a clasp to fasten the necklace. On the other side, the hook can be tightened around the jump ring.